Welcome to the world of sweesha – the modern sheesha

sweesha is an affordable up-market sheesha that is developed and assembled in Switzerland. Quality, design and convenience characterise a sweesha pipe and allow a unique smoking experience.

Convenient head

Porcelain head with multiple usage stainless steel charcoal foils that clip in.

Out- and indoor sheesha

Melamine case allows to carry the shisha easily around while glass is protected.

Six colours available

A sweesha is always a design statement, no matter the colour.


Every piece of the sweesha is washable and can be ordered and replaced. There is a one year warranty on every sweesha.

Introducing sweesha


The sweesha comes either in a box or in a bag. The sweesha bag is designed so that every part of the sweesha is protected. Therefore, you can take your sweesha on all your travels. The bag can be used as a handbag or a backpack. Its dimensions are according to most airlines’ carry-on-bord rules, so that it can be taken as hand luggage into the plane.


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About us

sweesha managers
Behind the sweesha brand is a dedicated team that wants to make a difference in the sheesha world. Innovation, style and quality are values shared by the whole team.

Etienne Rouge

Sales & Distribution

Franziska Muller

Marketing & Production

Samuel Freuler

Accounting & Logistics

Barry Whitmill

Design & Development


It all started with the tales of Suleiman the Magnificent coming to Europe’s doorstep…and with Alice in Wonderland. Then, one fine day, while traveling to the Middle-East, we discovered the joys of sheesha smoking. A few years later, we decided that sheesha smoking needed a bit of a shakeup

sweesha is a brand developed by the company eukapis sàrl. eukapis sàrl is a privately-owned company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its focus is to make high quality products, building on Swiss quality and know-how. In 2012 eukapis sàrl launched its first product, the Étienne LeRoy sheesha, an ultra-premium Swiss Made water pipe that was designed for the exclusive connoisseurs. The brand sweesha was created in 2015 and presents an affordable designer sheesha range that is meant for the urban, trendy people and for hotels and restaurants.

The home of sweesha is an old flour mill in the Swiss country side. The mill, called Moulin Bornu, was built by the baron of La Sallaz in the 16th century. In front of the mill there is a small pond, from which two outlets create separate flows.
One current flows into the Rhine and then in the North Sea, the other flows to the Rhone and ultimately in the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, the mill is also called the Centre of the World. Being created in the Centre of the World, sweesha is proud to be now an international brand.

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